Friday, March 25, 2011

Supplements I love....

What supplements do I use?
I get this question a fair bit these days so I figured it was time to do a quick post on the topic.
Just a note though...I think that my balanced high vegetarian/vegan diet provides most of the nutrients my body needs but I like playing around with different supplements. 
 I think everyone is different though.What works for me might not work for you.
However that being said.... Here are some daily favorites.
I started taking Liquid Chlorophyll about 6 months ago after a suggestion from a pregnant co-worker. It's wonderful for alkalizing the body and it provides oxygen for the acidophilus in the bowel. I love the clean fresh taste of Liquid Chlorophyll and several companies even pair it with spearmint oil for a wonderful tea like taste. I keep trying different brands to see which one I like best. So far, all have been nice.....This is "Sunny Green Liquid Chlorophyll".
 Carlos loves it because it taste like his mate tea from Argentina.
I always put local Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica in my green smoothies. This stuff is fabulous! First of all it's gorgeous in texture and color and it's packed with Beta carotene ( Vit A ), B12 , Vit K and iron. Love love love this stuff and it last forever in the fridge at just a teaspoon a serving...
The sexy South American super food!
Maca enhances the endocrine system which supports important things like the nervous system, brain, fertility, sexual function, and digestion.
I throw about a teaspoon of it in every smoothie I make...
Organic extra virgin Coconut Oil....
I love this stuff! Once feared because of it's high level of saturated fat, coconut oil is making a comeback in a very big way thanks to it's content of lauric acid. Check it out here! just tastes yummy. I use it to cook with ( or uncook with in gourmet raw cuisine ) all the time! And I think it has done wonders to my hair and nails.
I take my B vitamins like every good vegetarian might consider (depending on how much dairy/eggs you consume of course... I don't eat much dairy and never eggs these days ). I think this vitamin will become even more vital the more I slip towards a true vegan diet.....
I also take folic acid like any wanna be "mommy to be" should. More on that another time possibly.

I also like these supplements but don't necessarily use daily...
Acai Berry ( usually in frozen form and added to smoothies )
Milk Thistle ( a great antioxidant for the liver....cuz I like my wine sometimes )
Noni Juice ( local, medicinal fermented fruit and possibly a cancer fighter )
Green Tea (esp.) matcha powder ( antioxidant )
Lecithin-great emulsifier in smoothies ( nervous system supporter )
So there you go!
What are your favorite supplements?


  1. Good to know! Coconut oil is on my list to pick up, as is a plant-based protein powder. I'm not a vegetarian and feel like I do get most vitamins and nutrients regularly, but I like keeping supplements in mind too.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I also take those Trader Joe's supplements :-) I love them.

  3. I'm planning on picking up some spirulina for smoothies today. Good stuff!