Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday morning on Maui....

I guess days like this justify the cost of living here....
What do you think?
{ Honolua Bay }

{ snorkeling crystalline water }

{"Slippa Style"...but in dire need of a pedicure }

{ paddling in...}

{ please kokua }

{ the plant that produces the famous "Dragon Fruit"  }

{ Sunday Service }

{ coconut palms, my favorite favorite }

{ Carlos and I spent this Sunday morning surfing and paddling }

{ Maui Gold pineapples anyone? }

{ a Sunday drive through Ka'anapali's Coffee Plantation }

{ almost feels "Napa" like }

{ plumeria starting to bloom in this early spring }

Now you can see why I'm so willing to spend $7 for a bell pepper.....
Hope you are enjoying your weekend too.


  1. you are living in utter paradise, no price could stop someone living in such a beautiful place your very lucky xx

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  2. Definitely worth paying extra to live there.

  3. Oh wow, that's SO pretty!!! you're so lucky! :)