Thursday, March 10, 2011

Makai Edible Gardening in Hawaii

In Hawaii you either live Makai ( towards the ocean ) or Mauka ( towards the mountains )
Depending on where you live will make a difference in your island garden. Hawaii is full of micro climates and living across the street from the ocean on west Maui we tend to get a lot of sun, wind and frequent rain showers ( esp. at night ).
For the past 3 years every Feb/March I've started an edible garden....
This year will be no different.
So, yesterday I went to Home Depot to check things out.
I usually buy an arrangement of herbs, especially ones for Asian cuisine. I also try to get some tomatoes, lettuce and hot peppers. Over the years I've finally figured out what we really use.
{ Italian, Thai and Opal basil, green onions, garlic chives, rosemary, thyme, and mint }
Some of these plants are from last season as well.....
{ Italian basil }

{ Thai basil }

{ green onions and garlic chives }

{ thyme }

{ mint-wonderful in raw Thai dishes }

{ mixed lettuce, rainbow chard, and my 3 year old Italian parsley plant }

{ colorful mixed greens }

{ baby rainbow chard }

{ lemongrass that we picked up in Hana in November}

{ habanero }

{ my 3 year old Thai Dragon Chili plant that is starting to flower again }

{ nasturtiums }

{  year and a half old citrus trees }

{ keffir lime-Another important Asian ingredient. I use this tree like crazy! Great investment! }

{ 2 tangelo trees }

{ Our 2 year old apple-banana tree which we love but has yet to produce for us. We are hoping this year will be it! It has probably tripled in size since we brought it home though.}

Oh...and I have two unpictured passion fruit vines ( 1 purple Australian and 1 orange Jamaican! )

I still need to plant these....
{ 1 Anaheim chili }

{ 2 Roma tomatoes }

{ These beautiful looking heirloom radishes called " French Breakfast }

Still need??
I'd like to possibly pick up a Meyer Lemon Tree, Tahitian Lime, and some purple Molokai sweet potato plants.

So there you go! It's always fun to take pictures on the first day of planting and compare them throughout the year. I tend to plant in early spring and harvest through early fall. We usually take a long trip in Sept/Oct so it's a good time to take a break from the garden I guess? Some things make our trees, peppers and some herbs but I usually start fresh again after winter.
In Hawaii we have a year round growing season but I have found that the winter can be a challenge especially if we get a ton of rain. Summer I've found can be challenging as well for we live on the hot and dry leeward side of Maui. Daily watering is key and sometimes I'll get complaints from my landlord when the water bill comes.....oops. This is a huge reason why I'm really trying to grow only what we can use.
So,to be continued....

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  1. I am so jealous....again! I wish I could grow things. As soon as I have a patio you can bet it will be filled with an herb garden! I can't wait to see pictures as your pretty plants grow up and start producing for you :-)