Friday, March 4, 2011

I love

{ window shopping in Makawao }

{ yellow hibiscus }

{ Carlos's very "out of character" organized closet }

{ the green stone necklace my sister bought me }

{ mango-banana smoothies after surfing }


  1. I love ALL of those things too...I wish I had window shopping like that, my closest is a mess (as in my boyfriend's). If I lived in Hawaii that necklace would be in danger of being stolen and that smoothie looks to die for! I especially just love this post it made me smile :-)

  2. you've got exquisite tastes!

  3. Fabulous as usual. I laughed when I saw the closet. That is definitely my hubby to.

  4. What a fun life you have! Hey.. You know Dawn. I love her! (Sorry I saw I was leaving a comment below her's.)

    What is your green breakfast drink anyway?