Sunday, March 20, 2011

Creamy Spicy Tomato Soup

This was incredible....
I know I say this a lot but this truly really was.
I found the recipe here via the blog Eat, Live, Run and then I tweaked it a bit by adding a good pinch of cayenne pepper.
The ingredients are simple...Things you probably already have on hand so it's possible that no shopping will be required.
I however had to buy some milk and butter.
The recipe called for whole milk but I opted for 1%. The result was so rich and creamy that I'm sure I didn't sacrifice much by not using whole milk.
The tomatoes in the market were looking a little bit blah so I chose some organic canned tomatoes instead.

We actually ended up making this soup two nights in a row because it was honestly that good. Unfortunately, I still have a hard time eating this much dairy at one time so I really had to limit my serving.
But if you don't have a lactose issue or are not currently reading "The China Study" like I am, I beg you to make this....It's that awesome.
On another note.
 I will update soon on the "The China Study" for I'm only about a hundred pages in. I've read millions of books regarding the health issues associated with meat, dairy, and eggs but not one has gotten me to finally give up dairy products even though dairy hurts me. ( ??! )
 "The China Study" might actually do it. Has anybody read this book? If so, are you still consuming animal products? Just curious ?
To be continued.


  1. As for China Study, there are some pretty good critiques of that book that make me question using it as the pinnacle of deciding to go vegan.

    I think it raises some good points, but I don't think that Veganism is the only way to be healthy. To me, there has to be a moral component to deciding to be vegan, because the health/nutrition aspect is always changing as more studies are done.

    Does that make sense?

  2. Yes, That totally makes sense....But The China Study is hardly the first book that I've read regarding this topic....Like I said, I still eat dairy ( but not flesh for over two decades now ) so I still have not made a complete transition despite everything I have read. A lot of this has to do with many conflicting studies of course and my own willpower. I also understand that a true vegan does not wear or use anything that contains animal related products. I of course own leather and like honey so even if I give up dairy ( btw I don't eat eggs either because they gross me out ) I am still not a vegan by the true definition. I'm assuming this is what you meant by "moral component" So if I do give up dairy I understand that calling myself a vegan would actually be a false statement in a lot of peoples beliefs.
    My problem is this....I am intolerant to dairy and have been since my mid 20s ( and I'm 35 now! ). Why I still force this stuff into my system is beyond me? Reading a book like The China Study only helps me step into a direction that I should be going anyway....Plus honestly the more and more I think about what milk, cheese and eggs really are the ickier they sound to me....Just like the thought of consuming flesh from any source ( even fish ) makes me sick to my stomach.
    But, Just so you know, I don't think veganism is the only healthy way to eat and I would never push it on anyone. My own partner eats steak/chicken/and fish now and then and I could care less. He also eats a ton of vegetables and whole grains and looks better now at 40 than when we started dating many years ago. Everyones different though.... what works for one person might not for another. I really believe that and I truly think that finally giving up dairy could be the answer for myself :)