Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh Lordy guess who's 40!

That would be my Javier Bardem lookalike!

Okay okay we'll let you sleep in a little bit longer....
We love you Carlos!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to Carlos!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Carlos! the seem to like lecithin. I have a read a bit about seems to be a wonder supplement! It supposedly helps with cardiovascular health, liver function and brain function. Did someone recommend that you use it...or why did you decide to use it?

  3. Hi Amanda :) I started using lecithin because of it's "fatty" texture. I found that it added a ton of depth and fullness to my vegan smoothies esp when I make chocolate/banana ones. The fact that is it such a healthy supplement was a bonus but it wasn't the main reason I started using it :)