Saturday, February 5, 2011

Condition: Lake Pacific

I love surfing....
That will never change but on days like these I love having a SUP board in my quiver.
I've been SUPing quite a bit lately. We seem to go from 20 foot wave days to 2 inch wave days rather quickly in the islands so this is when my stand-up board comes in handy. It keeps me sane on very flat, windless mornings....
You wouldn't believe the clarity of the water in Hawaii sometimes! Today I saw bright yellow fish darting between purple and green coral heads the size of my car, 12 ( !! ) large green sea turtles and 4 Humpback whale tails flapping in the distance.....It was cool. Really cool.
I SUP several hours a week now and it's an absolutely amazing workout! It engages your core, legs and butt like you wouldn't believe. My biceps and shoulders feel stronger than they ever have and it's just so much nicer cruising along a colorful reef than chugging away on an indoor elliptical machine. No contest.
Here's an article from the current February issue of "Shape" magazine featuring my favorite Victoria Secret's model, Marisa Miller. She grew up not far from me in the coastal town of Santa Cruz, California ( the location of my first ever real surf session when I was 17 years old ).
 Marisas also an avid surfer and SUP boarder and she recently paired up with Surftech to create her own line of stand-up paddle boards. I like it! This isn't the first article I've seen on the physical benefits of SUPing but it's just another reminder of how important cross training can be. It's obviously working for Marisa haha....
{ myself: Kanaha, Maui }
I understand that SUPing is not the most convenient sport for everyone but if you ever get a chance to give it a go I think you'd understand all the hype.
 Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Saturday....
Aloha from Maui.


  1. I am so jealous I think I could cry...that is beautiful

  2. That water is just amazing! I'd definitely like to try SUPing.