Friday, February 18, 2011


I die for hot sauce.....
Anybody who has ever shared a meal with me knows this well. I put the stuff on EVERYTHING.
I've been wanting to make my own hot sauce from scratch for a long time now but for some bizarre reason have never gotten around to it until now. Salsa I know... but hot sauce is another situation all together. I was lost.
I figured if anyone out there has tried to make their own salsa/hot sauce it was Heidi and sure enough she has. However, after following her "Saveur" magazine recipe to a tee I was disappointed with the outcome? What the hell?!  Something was missing? I was a bit irritated at that moment for I had just de-seeded a whole handful of soaking wet chilies and my eyes were burning. Tossing it at this point was NOT an option. So going on instinct now, I dumped the pan of boiling sauce into my trusty Vita-Mixer and gave it a serious whoorl. Then, with the motor running on medium, I poured about 2 teaspoons of white wine vinegar to the sauce along with a large pinch of sea salt and blended for another 30 seconds.
It turned out HOT, creamy ( without adding the cream she suggested ), smoky, and perfectly tangy! It was gorgeous too! It somewhat reminded me of a very spicy Cholula. Incredible!
I can TOTALLY see mixing this into cream cheese for a spread or mixing it into some vegan mayonnaise for an beautiful aioli!
Anyway....I'm thinking just some crispy tortilla chips and a squeeze of lime tonight.
See you soon!
{ chilies de arbol }
{ 12 cloves of garlic }
{ for original recipe click here }

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