Friday, January 21, 2011

DIY~A little Touch of Glam

I've been feeling a bit cash-poor these days and it's making me restless....
So....I decided to try another cheap DYI project for the hale.

It's amazing what a $6 can of gold spray paint can do to revive some old rusty items laying around a house!
{  shells I found on a Kapalua beach }
{ an old salsa jar and other nic naks from "Ross" }
{ Carlos's old crusty mirror )
{ reviving the bathroom baskets }
{ and some new orchids of course.... }


  1. paint can definitely brighten things up! they look great!

  2. i agree! i spray paint my things gold after i'm tired of them just to give it a new look. xo

  3. They look really pretty!!