Friday, January 28, 2011

Asian Summer Rolls

I know I've made these before but some things are just worth repeating!
I just love these...
Asian Summer Rolls
They are light, colorful and so easy to make. All you need are some dried tapioca spring roll wrappers, some fresh herbs, any veggie and some sort of delicious dipping sauce!
{ today I went with a homemade spicy Thai peanut dressing }

{ spring rolls wrappers }

{ shaved organic carrots }

{ local mint }

{ Thai basil from the garden }

{ organic baby spinach, local cilantro, shredded cucumbers and some un-pictured tofu }

To assemble these just heat up a large skillet with water. Then, place 2 tapioca wrappers at a time in the hot water for about 15 seconds or until soft. ( I like using 2 at a time for a firmer roll. )
Next...Lay wet and softened wrappers on a cutting board and place the herbs, veggies, and tofu in the center of the circle. Top with about 1 Tb of dipping sauce and roll wrapper up like a burrito.
Slice in half and serve with extra sauce!
Off to the beach now! Happy Aloha Friday!
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  1. Those look awesome! I haven't made summer rolls in ages. It's about time I do!

  2. We made similar spring rolls over Christmas...they were delicious!

  3. I love veggie porn. So few people can appreciate it. To. die. for. I haven't made rolls in ages. Maybe when it gets a little warmer I'll make them again.

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog recently and for the comments! I'm so glad you popped by because it made me find your blog and I LOVE it! xxx

  5. Those are beautiful! I like to make my spring rolls wrapped up in a raw collard leaf.
    Peace & Raw Health,