Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 New Years Resolutions

Carlos and I were pretty lazy last night! So lazy we didn't even leave the house to head to the beach like usual on NYE...
 Here's the truth.
 Carlos decided to take a nap at 5pm and it lasted about 5 hours ( we surfed all day and we were sunburned and pretty tired ). In the meantime I decided to roll out and hook up the T.V. so I could watch the ball drop in NYC at 7pm Hawaiian time.
 Somehow during the channel flippin' I stumbled upon a "Jersey Shore" marathon on MTV (I've never seen this show before.....obviously.)
I can't believe I'm actually admitting this but I watched the whole thing. I just couldn't stop. Are these people for real? Is this really whats on T.V. these days? Sorry, I can't believe the things that MTV gets away with now. Wow, I know I'm really dating myself but seriously?
( Yet I watched it. Every minute of it. Ohhh, yes I did.)
Anyway, I ended up making the same Tortilla Soup that I made on Christmas Eve ( amazing!! ) and we ended 2010 watching "The Snooki Ball Drop" while I had a glass of California Red Zin.
Not proud, not proud at all.....

Alrighty then....
Here's my list for 2011. I'm going to admit these are going to be a bit more challenging than last years so we'll see how it goes.

1. Alkaline my body. Okay what's that? Well, I've been testing my PH levels for sometime now and despite all the green juice I down everyday I'm still very acidic. So, Why is this bad? Acid = Disease....Ya know, fun stuff like cancer. And since cancer runs rampant in my family it's time I take charge to stop my own from forming.
So how do I make my body more alkaline? Well, eliminating crap like Excedrin and tons of allergies meds will help. Eliminating wine ( sniff...) cutting back on animal products ( like my dairy intake ) and cutting back on sugar ( not my biggest vice but still....).
Anyway, I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. I eat really balanced and healthy so this is just going to the next level....This will be hard. Especially the wine part. Blah!
2. Get out of debt. Okay getting rid of the house last year was huge but I still have one credit card to go. It's nothing major but I want it gone. Period.
3. STOP EATING THOSE PASTRIES AT WORK! Ahhhhh! Those things are like crack! O.M.G. they are good! And sooooooooo addicting. No more! Acid forming for sure!
4. Get Carlos to the dentist and the doctors for a check up. Okay, I'm making this MY resolution because it's the only way it's ever going to happen. Friggin' men.
5. Go visit my mom....This one is sad. I have not been back to Danville, California in 4 years. This is the year. Promise. I'm due for a Carmel/Napa fix anyway.
6. Try to get to Tahiti or Australia. It will completely depend on our finances this time but I think a equator crossing is in order this year. Good thing it looks like our plane tickets will at least be covered this time thanks to our many "Hawaiian Miles."
7. Graduate to a sub 6'0" surfboard. Most of you probably have no idea what this is but basically I'm ready to graduate from my 6'4" shortboard. I'm tired of fighting white water all the time duck diving my larger board under waves. Going sub 6' should help. However it will make catching waves much more challenging.
8. Stop pulling out my gray hair. Do I really need to explain why? I mean, I'll be bald soon if I don't.
9. Embrace Yoga. Okay I'll admit it... I'm just not the biggest fan. But, Carlos and I agreed that we both need to start doing it. We feel amazing afterwards so we should really give it a serious go.
10. Okay.....I'm turning 35 this year and I'm pretty bummed but I need to just except it. It's happening and I can't stop time. Without getting too personal there are lots of reasons behind my anxiety and it has nothing to do with wrinkles and grays. So, here's to acceptance in '11 and making it a good one regardless.
Off to put the T.V. away, wake Carlos up and go surf on this beautiful, sunny New Years Day on Maui.


  1. We also watched the Snooki ball drop, ha ha ha! I was born and raised at the Jersey Shore and I think that show is hilarious.

  2. I like all your goals :) And I like that you have just now watched Jersey Shore. It's absolutely terrible but somehow fascinating. I don't watch very much TV at all (House Hunters doesn't count, hehe) but yes, that is what is on TV nowadays. Don't watch 16 & Pregnant! Absolutely terrible.

    Happy new year :)

  3. Good goals! Stick with yoga, it took me a while of consistent practice to really love it. Is it hard or you to quiet your mind? Like stop thinking about how you need to stop thinking?

  4. Haha Yes Summer! I can't stop thinking while I'm trying to relax and just hold a pose. Especially when I staring at the ground. All thats going through my mind is how dirty my wood floor looks Ahhhhhhh!!!! Then I stop and start cleaning. I'm crazy!

  5. Happy New Year, Amanda! I hope you start to love yoga as much as I do.

  6. Happy New Year! I so wish I could put the TV away and roll it out for only special occasions. My hubbs would never last with it away.

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