Sunday, December 19, 2010

Leftovers: Kiwi Style

The "Pumpkin and Lima Bean Salad" that I posted yesterday got me thinking about all of our adventures south of the equator once again. In October of 2009, Carlos and I spent some time in the green ( and very rainy ) country of New Zealand. Unfortunately the weather never was on our side so we actually ended up cutting our trip short and flying back to Australia ( where it was raining too BTW).
 Anyway...the biggest thing I remember about dining in New Zealand was the frequency of veggie wraps or Roti on the menus.
Obviously, no complaints here from this hungry Veg Head.
{ Raglan, NZ - Home to the longest left-handed break in the world }

After a rather dismal dreary day on Raglan's cold, rocky beach we stumbled in a great little cafe called the "Tongue and Groove" with a bottle of Ake Ake Sauvignon Blanc. It was there that we discovered the famous sweet chili doused veggie Roti.....
After staring in my fridge at the leftovers from last night I decided to make my own "Raglan Wrap". I mean why not? Fresca's salad ingredients could make a great second day meal? What do you think?
"Raglan Wrap"- vegetarian
large flour tortilla
warmed mashed kabocha squash
mixed greens
Thai Sweet Chili sauce 
 Wrap everything in the tortilla and place in a panini press or on a heated pan with some sort of weight. Flip and repeat until melted and crispy.

Alright, this didn't suck.... at all. In fact, I might have even liked it better than the salad from last night....maybe.
Happy to be in warm Hawaii as usual.....


  1. Those wraps sound great. I also like to do a wrap with kabocha and black beans. Something about the 2 flavors and textures that seem to work really well together.

  2. i love new zealand, i was there a few years ago for a 12 day trip when i was living in australia. i love that country and would move there in a heartbeat!!

  3. That wrap looks fantastic! I've never thought to put mashed squash in a wrap. What a nice touch :).