Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fresca's Pumpkin and Lima Bean Salad

There's a restaurant in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia called "Fresca". 
Just so you know, it just happens to be my most favorite place to eat on the planet.
"Fresca" is located in the storybook town of Bangalow, NSW. If Carlos and I could pick any place in the world to cash out, settle down and live happily ever after we'd both agree that Bangalow would be the place.
Close to some of Australia's best Point Breaks and home to the most beautiful and fertile countryside you can ever imagine, Bangalow houses an eclectic mix of lithe yogis, soul surfers, organic farmers, twirly artists, boutique owners, spa addicts and multi multi-millionaires.
My kind of town.....definitely.
 My favorite dish at "Fresca" was a salad. Yes, you heard me right, a salad. But you see, this wasn't just any kind of salad. This salad had a perfect combo of sweet, salt, spice, cream, crunch, and tang! And it was this very salad brought us back to Bangalow for lunch three days in a row.
Believe it or not this is actually my first time ever recreating this salad at home. I jotted down this recipe on a napkin over 3 years ago and it reappeared while cleaning out our home office this week.
It's shockingly easy you see....Just a few main ingredients and a beautiful green dressing.
I urge you to give it a go....

Fresca's Pumpkin and Lima Bean Salad - vegetarian
1 Kabocha squash, roasted ( 375 for approx 40 min ) Cool and cut into cubes.
1/2 cup cooked Lima Beans
6 oz creamy Persian Feta cubed ( or crumbled goat cheese )
1/4 cup toasted Pepitas
mixed organic greens
1/2 cup of cilantro
handful or golden raisins ( sultanas )
For the dressing...
1/2 cup cilantro
1/2 lime juiced
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1/3 cup sunflower oil
pinch of cayenne pepper ( or more if you like it HOT like me )
3 Tbs or more honey
pinch of salt
Blend everything except oil in a blender. Then, slowly add oil while blender is running to emulsify.
FYI-these dressing measurements are approximations. I went slowly and adjusted the ingredients as I went. I encourage you to do the same....
Once again, I am nostalgic for OZ and now rethinking our May, 2011 plans. What's new? Really.


  1. I like the new format.

  2. your island photos, your food, YOU...are all beautiful!!! wow....

  3. I hope you consider SD as your vaca spot in 2011...We could do so much fun stuff! (And yoga! And winetasting! And vegan food eating! And hanging out with Pdog!) Merry Christmas my long lost friend! Xxoo....

  4. Um YUM - I LOVE kabocha. Salad looks fantastic. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog so I can now check out you blog!

  5. Thanks Amanda! I miss San Diego! I might take you up on you soon xo

  6. Well if you do come back to CA swing by the central coast- I need someone to eat "weird food" (aka not tri-tip) with!

  7. The salad looks amazing. I need to try it!