Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best of 2010 part: 2

Alrightly now....
Continuing on with the "Best of 2010"!

Best Moments.......
Heading off to California for my Dad's 70th Birthday Party
And being able to spend time with my sister there as well......

Whole Foods FINALLY opening on Maui! I waited 11 YEARS for this! COUNT 'EM!

Picking up the kids.....
Sorry, probably seems pretty materialistic but I really really wanted them and I'll have them forever.

Heading back to Arizona for a week to show Carlos the beautiful southwest

My first sunset ever over the Gulf of Mexico on Siesta Key, Florida.

Collecting seashells on Sanibel Island. A bucket list dream finally achieved.....

Discovering the incredible southern city of Charleston, South Carolina.

And of course, the mysterious city of Savannah, Georgia as well.

That peaceful day on Tybee Island, Georgia.

The best Thanksgiving I've ever had in Hana.....

And last but hardly least..... 
Celebrating four amazing, patient, beautiful, challenging, and exciting years now with this guy.
 I love him with all my heart.

What's next?


  1. Love your list! Can't believe you waited 11 years for a Whole Foods in Maui, but I'm glad you finally got one!

    I loveeee the Southwest. I lived in New Mexico for a summer after college and it was absolutely amazing. It was impossible to take a bad photo because of the intense beauty in that place!

    Happy Holidays :)

  2. Hey Amanda, Just got back from a week in Charleston,Savannah and Hilton Head! I'm with you,
    LOVE Charleston! And since I don't have a camera
    looked at all your photos instead! They are perfect, I'm keeping them in my own little album.
    Glad you saw my Amanda at Thanksgiving.
    Best, Judith

  3. looks like a great year! congrats on the whole foods. was happy when ours opened, but it's across i rarely get to shop there.