Monday, November 22, 2010


I love November in Hawaii.....
The water is still over 80 degrees, the pikaki is in full bloom, the winter surf starts to show and the first Humpback whales filter into our channels.
The first time I ever stepped foot on Maui was in November. It was actually November 22, 1990....20 years ago today.
 It was Thanksgiving and we flew into the quiet Kapalua Airport on Maui's West Side. I remember thinking how dark blue the ocean was and how noticeably red the land seemed. I remember seeing nothing but pineapple fields in either direction, the halo of low clouds clinging to both Lanai and Molokai and the fragrance of flowers in the air. I remember thinking how will I ever leave this paradise and go back to cold, drizzly San Francisco.....
(Fast forward 20 years later...)
I was able to leave my job today on Kaanapali Beach at 1pm and was already prepared with surfboards on top of my car and my bikini in my purse. After a quick change out of my dress and heels I was in the surf. It was a gorgeous afternoon with a rising north swell, white puffy clouds over the West Maui mountains and a pod of whales cruising just past the reef. I surfed for a couple of hours, drove home and then put on some sneakers and walked up the steep hill to the Kapalua Airport. This is actually something I do all the time these days.
Just like back in 1990 the ocean was a cobalt blue and the land was a brilliant color of rust. The pineapple fields are gone but the space is still undeveloped and green in both directions. In the distance Lanai and Molokai were ringed with clouds and the warm late afternoon breeze was perfumed with jasmine.
But now....unlike that afternoon 20 years ago.... I no longer have to have to worry about leaving.
This my friends.... is what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.
How about you?

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