Sunday, November 28, 2010

Off to Hana!

Aloha! Did you miss me?
 I was in Hana the last few days hanging out with my buddy "Fat Head"
You might remember him from my last trip to the jungle.
He's the best cat ever. Swear.
We are lucky to have a very generous friend living in Hana who just happens to live in a pretty sweet place with a massive organic garden. was an obvious no-brainer to take off to the other side of paradise when we got the Thanksgiving Dinner invite.
We seriously contemplate moving to Hana full time and spending our days farming, surfing and being quiet. I'm not kidding. It's that beautiful ( and there are cuddly cats and baby goats too.....I mean really, how can you resist that??? )
We arrived early afternoon on Thanksgiving Day and Hana was it's beautiful lush self as usual. I love this place so much.
"Pele's Hair"
Pumpkins in the garden.
Huge lemongrass plants everywhere!
Noni fermenting in the sun.
Hana Honey
Hawaiian ( HOT ) Chilies
Sweet Potato
Sugar Cane
Bok Choy
Special spinach
Jade plant. This is popular in Hawaiian Lei making....
Coming up next:
Thanksgiving Dinner...Hawaiian Style!

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