Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Mansion on Forsyth Park

Savannah's a trip.....
I seriously could not stop taking pictures of all the Spanish Moss. It was incredible! I felt like I was in a little made up town at Disneyland or something. Amazing....
We decided to treat ourselves to two nights at the Mansion on Forsyth Park.
This place was surreal.
It was once a morgue. Sort of seemed ideal for Halloween weekend don't you think?
Vintage Hats on display.....
The Mansion is laid out like a museum. Lots of orginal oil paintings, sculptures and ornate furniture. It was pretty cool.
I mean fun are these?
Easily the coolest place we stayed at during the whole trip...

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  1. I've heard awesome things about Savannah and you're making it look like a dream city. Gorgeous photos!