Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dining in Savannah

I'm a bit bummed about about this part....
We really didn't have the best luck with our dining choices. I won't go into major detail over this for why focus on the bad when we did find some good eats. But honestly, I was expecting a bit more ( however, we were only there 2 nights and I'm sure we missed a ton....)
Ironically the best meals we had were some very casual inexpensive lunches....
The Sentient Bean is a classic college coffee shop right off of Forsyth Park ( BTW- Savannah is home to the largest art and design school in the country, Savannah College of Art and Design ) 
How freaking amazing does this thing look!
Greek Sandwich-Tomato, Tzaziki, Olives, Lettuce, and Hummus.
Me like!
And a missive Italian Pomegranate soda.
We stopped at the next place on our way out of town for a quick bite.
Zunzis was not only recommended on Jenna's-Eat, Live, Run blog but it was also praised by about every local we met as well so we had to try it. Obviously.
Line wrapping down the street before noon!
My Falafel on top of hot chewy pita....
This was hands down the best Felafel I've ever had! Moist yet crispy, tangy, and chuck full of FLAVA!
Carlos had the massive "Conquistador" with both secret sauces ( white and red ). He also had them add sausage to the already chicken laden hogi. He's amazing.....
Zunzis is a MUST stop in Savannah. It's literally a "hole in the wall" but this place must be KILLING it! The menu is simple, the employees are friendly and seem genuinely stoked to be there and it was totally worth the 3 days worth of calories in one sitting! Even with the $15 parking ticket....


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