Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Present Moment Cafe

I've been DYING to try this super cute raw food cafe ever since I read about it on Heather Pace's blog about a year ago....
Almost everything served at The Present Moment is free of meat, dairy and gluten. The cafe has been in business now for 4 years and it's customer base is ever growing!
So happy to hear that the Living Raw Food  movement is making some headway in this fish, meat and grit heavy area of northern Florida!

Carlos's Creamy Tomato Soup garnished with a raw vegan Corn Chip
Egg and Anchovy Free Raw Caesar.
This was insane! Loved the crumbled Rosemary Crackers and Raw Parmesan Cheese.
I could seriously eat this everyday!
Amare Seaweed Salad with a Sesame Garlic Sauce
My Main: Maki Sushi Roll
Beautiful don't you think?
Carlos's Main: Creamy White Truffled Pesto Pasta ( made with zucchini "pasta" )
Brownie Sunday
I cannot believe this was raw..... This was incredible! It tasted exactly like the real thing but it was made without any sugar, dairy or gluten. Amazing!
I can't explain how excited I was to finally get to try a restaurant like this. I've always been fascinated with the raw vegan diet but my home island doesn't have much in the gourmet living foods department....
 The Present Moment was a treat and if you're ever in the St. Augustine area I urge you to give it a go. Carlos and I both left feeling satisfied and comfortably full.
(FYI-We even went back the next day just for the desert.)
Next Stop:
Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island, Florida

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