Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This place was everything I thought it was going to be....
Hot, humid, full of expensive boutiques, cars, cafes and old money.
And in it's own silly way it was absolutely wonderful....
It was frigging hot.....And the Gulf of Mexico was the freakishly calm that day.
We had lunch at a very nice Italian Bistro on 5th Ave called Bellini
Pinot Grigio
I had an incredibly simple Bellini House Salad with a beautiful Caper heavy vinaigrette.
My 3 Color sammie.....Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella Cheese.
Carlos has an insanely wonderful Penne Vodka.
This was soooooo simple yet so good!

Next stops:
 The Everglades where we took a wild ride on an air boat and saw a ton of alligators and crazy birds!
Then we were off to Miami. Carlos lived there briefly when he first moved to the US so he took me on a quick tour through his old neighborhood on Key Biscayne and then Coconut Grove. After that we spent the afternoon in South Beach before heading to our villa for the night in Palm Beach. I'm going to skip this part of the trip for now for Carlos's photos are MUCH better than mine
 So to be continued on that note.....

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