Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Florida Beach Towns

There's a level of kitsch out in Florida that is hard to describe unless you've seen it for yourself. The only place I've ever been that could compare would be the Gold Coast of Australia. ( However, I think the Aussies version in even a bit tackier )
If I was much younger I probably would have been severely turned off by the unusual amount of plastic pink flamingos and pirate themed stores.
However now, I think it's fabulous!!
Cocoa Beach
One of the best places in Florida to check out some classic kitsch!
Although you probably can't really see it in this photo but you can see the space shuttles launch pad in Cape Canaveral in the distance....
Too bad there were no waves to surf today for it was so hot and muggy......
Then we headed to a little town called Vero Beach.
This place was adorable!
Pretty, Hawaii like water.....
We stopped at a little place on the water for lunch called Mulligan's Beach House.
I had the Portobello, Goat Cheese, Red Pepper Tacos.
They were delish :-)
Wish we could have spent a little bit more time in this cute coastal town. I apologize for my lack of pics for my camera's battery went out....
Anyway, If your ever near Florida's Treasure Coast it's worth the detour off I-95
Next stop: Historical St. Augustine


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