Monday, October 11, 2010

Skin Spectrum

Hawaiian breakfast in the desert before heading to the Spa.....

Today I had microdermabrasion performed for the first time ever at the Skin Spectrum in Tucson. It was different. Cool but different.
As soon as I walked in the skin care specialist declared,
 "I can tell you don't use sunscreen....."
Huh? Yes. I. do!
Well. sort of......I mean I wear it when I'm surfing or laying out on the beach but technically I should be wearing it at all times but I just can't. The thought of wearing anything more than a bit of MAC's Studio Fix thoughout the day makes my skin crawl in even the lightest humidity.....

Anyway, I asked her if I have a lot of sun damage and she answered a firm"YES" without skipping a beat.
NOTE: She did however give me a bit of a hall pass when I mentioned that I live on Maui and surf and paddle several times a week. She also took into consideration my recent long flight and my skin's shock to Tucson's very dry heat.
Then she asked me, "What's my skin care routine?"
Okay...This was embarrassing. I wasn't kidding when I said, "Whatever soap is in the shower". These days it's usually "Bronner's Lavender 18 in 1 soap " or Carlos's "Irish Sping". I also use an Ole Henricksen moisturiser about 2 nights a week on average if I even remember.
(I can totally feel my sister cringing as I write this.... )

After the short questionnaire she cleansed my face. Then she started the microdermabrasion and with the exception of some minor burning ( from the pumpkin peel mask afterwards ) the whole experience was pretty fun.
I left Skin Spectrum feeling a bit guilty though....What the hell have I been doing to my skin?! Fine lines are starting to show around my eyes and mouth and I still spend wayyyy too many afternoons laying on the beach even when the surf is flat?
Looks like I need to make some changes.
Anyway...To be continued with this....Obviously.

Now some quick pics from the day.....

Off to check out some cool places tomorrow....Be back soon!

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