Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Frequent Flyer

So sorry for my nearly 2 week absence! Remember when I was sooooooo excited that summer was over and I was finally going to be able to relax??
Not the case.....I've seriously never in my life been this busy at work! I repeat, NEVER in my life!!
That's a bold statement I know but it's true.
I'm freaking exhausted....

Anyway, Nothing I can really do so need to talk about it....

So let's talk about food and my upcoming vacay instead :-)

I'm trying my best to use up everything in the fridge before we hele so this is what I came up with tonight...

Cold Soba Noodle and Tofu Salad *vegan*

I marinated some organic sprouted extra firm tofu in some seasoned rice wine vinegar, agave, lime juice, sesame oil and a few keffir lime leaves from my tree for about 2 hours.
I cooked up some soba noodles and rinsed them with cold water.
 I Then tossed them with some chopped cilantro and a dressing made of tamari, seasoned rice wine vinegar, Thai chilies, agave, lime juice and ginger. ( FYI-I didn't really measure this out....I just tossed everything in the Vita-Mix and added more ingredients according to taste )

Top with crushed roasted peanuts.
Delicious, filling and crazy easy!

Ya want to know what's not easy?
Packing for a trip like this....
Tuscon-Arizona, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Sanibel/Capitva Island, Naples, Marco Island, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Amelia Island-Florida, Hilton Head and Charleston-South Carolina and ending with Halloween in Savannah, Georgia.
Not only will I be driving (a lot), eating out ( a lot ), surfing, storm chasing, seashell hunting, key lime pie searching, shopping ( ummm, I meant window shopping)  and hanging out at the Ritz.
I'm leaving for a month!  
So here's the challenge......
Get all of this is one suitcase.
Yes. Everything....bikinis, jeans, neoprene surf tops, silk dresses, cute tops, skirts, several pairs of heels, flats, slaps, curling and straighting irons, heavy jewelry, purses for all occasions, sweaters, scarves, workout clothes and a jacket ( which I don't own...yet )

This is just the beginning.
Easy Peasy right?

I always get sad leaving Maui. I just love this place and it's hard to leave....even for a short time ( unless I'm going to Australia of course. ) However, this will be a fun trip. I've never really been to the East Coast and I'm excited to explore The South.
See you next time from the Sonoran Desert:-)


  1. how exciting! I'll be staying in St. Augustine this weekend and then we're heading to Asheville on the 23rd. Can't wait! Maybe we could meet up for a drink or lunch when you are in st. augie!

  2. hey, amanda -- love your blog! we barely knew each other in high school, but i found yr blog via facebook and i'm a total food blog addict. :) just wanted to recommend that you visit a store called "bon" in tucson. it's pricey but ridiculously chic and fun and run by the most charming, artsy mother and daughter. there are actually two locations--one on broadway and one on campbell. both are well worth the trip!

  3. Hi Dawn, Looks like I might miss you in St. Aug. because of the dates...We're going to be pretty all over the place. Any restaurant recommendations there?? Esp for lunch? Is Ashville in NC?? I can't wait to see GA and SC. Should be fun:-)!!