Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dining in St. Augustine

We ate at a few different places while in St. Augustine.
Here are a couple of favorites!
Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand
Awesome warm crusty bread!
Carlos's cup of Roasted Tomato and Crab Soup.
My Polenta with roasted Veggies and Gorgonzola Sauce.
( Sorry, Carlos destroyed his plate before I could get a pic his lunch.....)

Carlos and I dined at La Pentola last time we were in St. Augustine 2 years ago. We liked it so much that we wanted to make sure to eat there again on this trip.
Once again, La Pentola didn't disappoint!


  1. I missed you! We were off in the mountains. It looks like you had a lovely meal at LaPentola. We have eaten there as well! I love seeing all the St. Augie photos. I know where you took each funny!

  2. ....If you are still there go to the Floridian. It is fairly new and just took over the old building that Opus 39 was in. All fresh, seasonal, local. I've been there twice and it's amazing. The lentil soup was amazing and the quinoa and tempeh bowl was to die for.

  3. Hi Dawn! We love St. Aug!! We saw the Floridian. I actually took a pic of the sign haha....We are heading abck to FL on Mon ( we're in South Carolina right now ) but flying out Tues morning. Maybe next time :-)Much aloha!!