Friday, October 29, 2010

Basil Thai - Charleston, South Carolina

Aloha from Charleston! Easily the most charming little big city in America.....
We arrived in this historical port town after dark and we were STARVING so we headed to Basil, a highly recommended Thai restaurant on the famous King St.
My first course: Tofu Spring Rolls
Carlos's Chicken and Pork Wontons
My Main: Tofu Pad Thai 
This was the first Pad Thai that I've tried that was made with super thin vermicelli noodles. It was really nice!
Carlos's Crispy Duck Curry
Somebody's Fried Bananas and Coconut Ice Cream. We were way too full to order our own. Looks pretty good though....
We LOVED Basil! Probably one of the best Thai Restaurants we've ever dined at. What a totally unexpected treat in such a traditional southern city.
Charleston just might be one of my new favorite cities on the mainland.....Definitely giving my personal favorite, Santa Fe, NM a run for it's money.
Get ready for a TON of pics!!

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