Sunday, September 26, 2010

Raw Sunday

Very busy Sunday over here! In case you were wondering why (?)
 Sunday is actually my Monday and we were slammed today at work....

So, I stopped at the Farmer's Market in Honokowai and picked up a pre-made Raw Vegan Veggie Pizza  and some Raw Vegan Veggie Pate for dinner.
Remember my post from yesterday?
Being too busy to make a raw meal is a lame excuse for eating bowls of pasta and frozen yogurt..... Especially when I have a raw deli about a mile from my house.
Is it cheap? No. But it's cheaper than cancer.
I have no problem spending money on clothing, purses, facials and plane tickets so why skimp on what I put into my body?
Raw Pizza
Yummy and surprisingly filling....
I really liked the crust! Nice and spicy!
 Which reminds me....I must tackle that dehydrator again! No excuses!!
Veggie Pate
Delicious with a handful of Baby Carrots and Red Bell Pepper Sticks.

Anyway....I'm trying.

Now, Off to the couch to dig into my new book. It's called The Wave by Susan Casey.
FYI-It's really good. So far it's a great story about giant rouge ocean waves and crazy big waves surfers in case you wanted to check it out.....too fun!


  1. The raw pizza sounds so good. I think if I had one of your farmers markets around I could eat a LOT more raw. Everything looks so good! I did join a CSA though that is only 4 minutes from the house and I never knew it was there!

  2. i love that you take such amazing photos of our raw goodies! you make it look amazing! the manager that does a lot of the raw creation is leaving so i am charged with maintaining and creating new stuffs.... let me know what you would like to eat!

  3. How cool! I'm jealous. I would love to have a job like yours:-)
    Wow! I love all types raw stuff! Pizzas, tacos, sushi and veggie wraps. Whatever you create I'm sure it will be wonderful....
    I'm leaving this Friday for a month so I'll be looking forward to your creations after my return!