Saturday, September 11, 2010


Maui Shot of the Day
Beach in front of the new Honua Kai Resort.

Guess what came up today?
That would be the surf.

Guess what also came up today?
A very possible case of MRSA Staph.
After having this 3 times in the past I'm pretty sure that that little pimple on my leg is a wee bit more than an ingrown hair. An even bigger hint would be the fact that Carlos had the exact same bump pop up yesterday on his arm.
 I'll be waiting to see how it progresses over the next day or so. I'm not panicking. I know the drill.....In the mean time, no surf, no gym, and no human contact until it's gone.
I'll update soon....

Now, on to a better topic.
I'm digging the salad bar at the Honokowai Farmer's Market. Love Love Love their vegetarian Caesar Salad Dressing. Delish!

Off to wash the sheets, towels and to toss every razor in the house. Ick.