Monday, August 23, 2010

Staycation-Day 4

Breakfast: The obvious....
And then I dragged a very sleepy man out of bed this morning because I wanted someone to paddle with...
We launched our Stand Up boards at "Canoe Beach" for a quick hour race down the coast before the Argentine had to work.
After that, I headed down to "Thousand Peaks" solo to chill out in the sun....
It was hot down there today.
I love Rachel Zoe....I don't watch TV so I have no idea how annoying she might be in person but as a stylist, I think she's brilliant.
One the problems having a holiday on your home island is it can get a bit lonely. I've always been a bit of a loner but sometimes I do like some company.... For instance, I REALLY wanted to get lunch somewhere nice. You know... some place I could sit outside, relax, chat, have a glass of wine and eat a pretty gourmet salad. Unfortunately everyone was working....even my "go to" for dining foodie friends were working. Whatever.....slackers. 
So I went to Pineapple Grill by myself.
The restaurant was fairly full inside so I ate out on the patio. I couldn't figure out why nobody was out there? It was really nice. Weird. I guess everyone wanted to be in the AC.....
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc ( I have now officially broken my mini cleanse ). It was well worth it.
"Baby Spinach and Local Goat Cheese Salad with Macadamia Nuts".
This had a lovely fruity mustard vinaigrette on it.

Hot Bread. Swoon......
Dessert was waiting for me at home :"Purely Decadent"  non dairy Cookie Dough Ice Cream with a large crumble of low-fat vegan Chocolate cake.
Good lord.....
Excuse me while I go pass out on the couch for awhile....Sooooo full.


  1. I love RZ style book! I can read it several times over!
    (2 comments in one day on one blog... that never happens.... I was just stalking your blog for some more smoothie ideas...)

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Good for you! As a single person and oft traveler, I go out alone quite a bit. It can be done and be enjoyable. When I lived in Paris (2005) I did eat out often, duh..
    The food seems to taste better, maybe cuz you can concentrate on just that.

  3. SO jealous! It all sounds relaxing and wonderful. Enjoy every minute!