Friday, August 27, 2010

Craving Carbs...

It's a rare thing to find me in the freezer section at the grocery store but sometimes I do crave the convenience of a quick yummy instant meal.....
These are baked potato and pea Samosas by "Crave". I paired them with a Thai Sweet Chili sauce and lime. Mango Chutney would probably be ever better with this....
Potato and Onion Pierogies by "Mrs.T's" with black pepper and Cyprus Flake Sea Salt.
Paired with Fage yogurt ( Only the best of course! )
I've been eating these since highschool. I just LOVE them! However, the $4 yogurt and Artisan Salt is a modern update on my SDSU dorm room staple.

Here's your Maui Beach Shot of the Day.....
Yes, this is a real place.....And yes, I actually live near by. Hate me....I understand.
I was there from 11:30 to 1pm reading blogs from my iphone.
Awful isn't it? I love not working.....

Oh one more thing....totally random question but you never know..... Anyone out there know of any cool places to stay on Sanibel Island, Captiva or Fort Meyers Florida?? Something not too $$$ but nice. We'll be there 3 nights in October.
Anyway, Random I know.....


  1. Hey not sure if there is a costco in Maui but they now sell Fage in a big giant tub for around $6 I think!

  2. Ah, Mrs. T's pierogies used to be one of my addictions - I haven't had them in forever! :)

  3. I live in Fort Myers, I rarely go to Sanibel though. I have heard Tween Waters is very nice out there. They have alot of weddings. Marco Island is great as well, very pretty, clean and quiet. Its just south of Naples, which is just south of Fort Myers. Probably and hour drive from the Fort Myers airport. Fort Myers Beach is a cute little beach town...i wouldnt refer to it as "nice" but its fun. They have a bunch of gritty-dive bars. There are a few nice hotels out there but its nothing special (to me anyway lol). Naples is really nice too. The Naples Grande Resort is pretty and so is the Naples Beach Hotel. I really like downtown Naples EXCEPT for its the retirement capital of the world. Not sure any of this was helpful, sorry.
    Ps, I spent like 3 weeks reading you entire blog. Very inspired by your healthful eating and simpified life =)

  4. Hi Amanda! Thanks for your comment! Wow! I'm super impressed with your blog here and your dedication to healthy eating and living!

    xx Vivian @

    P.S. Do you take your nice camera to the beach? How do you stash it at the beach so 1) it doesn't get stolen when you're in the water, and 2) it doesn't get sand in it (actually happened to me already).

  5. Thank you so much for the info on Florida!! I will check it out for sure xo!

  6. Hi Vivian! I only take my camera to the beach if I'm not planning on surfing. The pictures I post are usually flat days so I'm usually just laying out for about an hour. If I jump in the water it's only for about a minute to cool off so the camera isn't left alone for long.
    As for the sand....I ruined my smaller Nikon last year by accidentally throwing it in a sandy beach bag so now I'm super careful with my other one. I actually leave it in it's case when I'm not shooting. It's a pretty large Nikon D50 so it doesn't really fit in a purse.
    Hope this helps :-) Aloha! A

  7. Potato and Onion Pierogies? Those look so fricken good!! As for cool places to stay, sorry, no recommendations here! But I'm anxious to see what others say. xo

  8. Great site and pics! Love it! I finally got to Hawaii two years ago to visit my stepson who was stationed on Oahu. He got deployed a week before we got there! Went anyway. We wish we had time to go to Maui but only got to stay on Oahu. Loved it though. Can't wait to get back! Thanks for great site!