Friday, August 6, 2010

Confessions of a food blogger: Part 1

Inspired by Jenna's running "Confessions" series ( Blog: Eat Live Run ) I thought it was time to do my own.....

Confessions of a Food Blogger

1. I am absolutely terrified of raw chicken meat.

2. I would live on Cheeze-It Crackers and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc if I really could.

3. I would trade my home in Maui to be able to live in Australia in a nano second.

4. I hate my first name ( Amanda ). I love my middle name ( Jane ). But, I like my sister's name ( Erin ) the best.....(of course.)

5. I am completely and totally infatuated with Spanish actor, Javier Bardem.

6. I've been trying to be a Raw Foodist since 2004 and I totally suck at it. ( see previous posts ) However, I think I make a fabulous vegetarian which has been my way of life for almost 20 yrs.

7. My favorite restaurants on the planet are "Fresca" in Bangalow, Australia. "Sails" on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands,"Amici Miei" in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the special "Il Fornaio" in Carmel, California.

8. I HATE the taste of BEER. ALL BEERS. Disgusting.

9. My favorite movie of all time is "Lost in Translation".

10. I'm 34 yrs 4 mos old and I have a major case of "Baby Fever".

See you soon...........

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  1. Yes, Erin! ;)

    Let's please keep being the same person, minus baby fever. haha