Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cleanse-Day 3

Nothing like a large dark Green Juice in the morning!
1 lb organic local kale
1 small local lemon
2" fresh local peeled ginger
1 peeled cucumber
2 small Gala apples

I just can't seem to get enough of the North Shore these days.....There's just something about Paia. I just love it.
A little leather clutch I picked up from "Imrie"...
Beautiful beach throws made in Kenya outside of "Maui Girl".
Some fun little slouchy heels I picked up at "Mahina".

Then off to Hoopika to eat my lunch and lay in the sun.
Raw "Mana Wrap" from Mana Foods: raw wrap. carrot and curry pate, tomato, cucumber, sunflower sprouts, lettuce, carrots.
And then around 7pm I got hungry....really hungry. I was also feeling a bit weak and dizzy? I don't know...... So, for dinner I made myself some Amy's Organic Minestrone Soup with some crumbled organic corn chips in it. I really didn't want to have anything processed these last few days but I just really wasn't feeling so hot this evening. Anyway, I guess there's not much wrong with organic soup. It was good. ( I tried taking a picture but it kept coming out so blurry?.....I've been experimenting with the manual settings lately and sometimes I screw up. Bad. )

See you tomorrow...


  1. Hi Amanda - discovered your blog when I was checking back links to the Maui Zen Day Spa - you have a mention or two. Very inspiring! You sure make raw look good. Nice job!

    And those shoes are too adorable.

  2. I don't know, whenever I change my eating habits ( trying to eat healthier...small portions) it takes me awhile to adjust. Maybe that's why the hunger/weakness hit you.