Friday, August 6, 2010

August and Everything after....

( The Audi has real surf racks!!! Finally! )
I've been SUPing a lot these days and my goal this morning was to beat the wind.
I decided to launch at Canoe Beach today in Kaanapali. By 8:30 am the wind was blowing Kona ( south ). This is not what I wanted.......You see, I wanted to cruise north and head up Kaanapali and surf for a bit at Kaanapali Point. However, if I did that first I might not have made in back in the strong southerly winds. So, south I went.
Paddle time: 1 hour 3 minutes.
( FYI-I LOVE my new board!! It's like a normal longboard but it was made for SUPing! Perfect!)
Post SUP snack: Chocolate Chip Raw Organic Food Bar = Yum!

Next: switch boards....
I then decided to take my 7'8" board out for a brisk paddle to Black Rock on the south end of Airport Beach and back.
Paddle time: 32 minutes
( Side Note - I got stung by a dead bee....seriously. I was paddling along and all of a sudden my side started burning like hell. At first I thought it was a jelly fish until I noticed the stinger poking out of my rib and a very water logged looking bee floating near by. I think the last time I was stung by a bee it was on a jungle gym when I was like 6 or something. Anyway, I saw the bee again when I paddled back the other way. I swore and splashed water at it. I felt better after that. )

Honokowai Farmer's Market Hot Bar:
Vegan Burritos with veggies, black beans and rice. I also added some spicy chili sour cream, avocado, hot sauce and pepperoncinis. Delish!

By mid afternoon I was beat.....The sun is strong in Hawaii early August so that... combined with my morning workout made for a lazy late afternoon on Aloha Friday.

Late afternoon SNACK:
2 Baked Homemade Pumpkin and Ginger Egg Rolls with Thai Chili Sauce and Lime.
These are freaking great....Even if they bursted open during baking

And a little Aussie Cab-Shiraz to wash it all down.

A little inspiration from the best food mag on the planet, "Delicious" printed in Aussieland of course!
Pappardelle con Funghi
We improvised a bit.....I added lemon juice, white wine and a lot of parsley to the original recipe :-)
Beautiful Pappardelle.
Carlos cooking the mushrooms...
Butter, Wine, Lemon and Garlic Sauce
All together now with shaved Parm and hot chili flakes...
So decadent.

Off to the couch to read a mag and to watch Taj stalk the Geckos clinging to the ceiling...

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