Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday in Hawaii

I have a bunch of Gardenias growing in the yard. Aren't they pretty:-)

We had perfect conditions this morning for SUPing so Carlos and I headed south of Lahaina to take the boards out for a  spin.
Check out my new board and paddle! Aren't they pretty!!
Love my new carbon Kialoa paddle!

We ended up SUPing for over 2 hours and even caught some teeny waves! Perfect!

And for a Cranberry and Blueberry Vodka at noon!
After all.....It was 5 o'clock somewhere right?
Sometimes we like to pretend we are on vacation on Maui too.
Yummy "Cooler's" warm bread.
And an purple orchid dressed Greek Salad....
BTW- "Coolers" has the best Greek Salad on island me thinks.

As soon as we got home Carlos grabbed Taj and passed out......I guess after a couple hours of intense sun + 3 Crown and Cokes that might happen. I however practiced a bit more self control ( wink ) and was able to spend the remainder of the afternoon getting a much needed pedicure.

Late afternoon snack....
Baked Pumpkin and Ginger Egg Roll
I made these a few weeks ago and threw them in the freezer. I used a mix of Organic Pumpkin Puree, Cayenne Pepper, and Ginger People's Ginger Jam. I then rolled them up burrito style with egg roll wrappers and tossed them in the freezer for easy preparation.
( baked at 350 for roughly 20 minutes )

( Dried Tuberose Lei )

After my pedicure I stopped at Hale Zen in Lahaina and found the most fabulous buttery leather bag....
The brand is Lilla Lane by Thora Moss.
Cute ya?
It's from Indo........

And while I'm at it I want to show you this gorgeous pink carved shell and silver ring I found in Makawao last week at Collections.


Roasted Veggies
Molokai Potatoes ( purple )
Okinawan Potatoes
Gala Apple
Local Kula Carrots
Reduced Balsamic, Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Cumin and Red Pepper Flakes
Citrus, Mint and Date Couscous
Soooooo good!
I'm stuffed......heading to the couch to read the book "Hawaii" for the 50 millionth time....


  1. Love the flower and the food. Make me some of all of it!

  2. Yummy potatoes and couscous! And I love the paddle and bag. Very pretty.

  3. Oh I love your new paddle and that purse looks amazing!