Sunday, June 27, 2010

Very quick Food Log and Workout Update!

Sunday is my Monday so I started my week with a delicious vitamin packed fresh juice from the Juicer this a.m.

1 peeled Organic Navel Orange
2" fresh local ginger
5 Organic Carrots
1 Organic Large Cucumber

For lunch, I brought in 2 slices of Rudy's Whole Grain Organic Bread and an Avocado and I made myself an unpictured veggie sandwich with some tomatoes and lettuce from the Cafeteria.

After work I headed to the GYM.
30 minutes/Hills level 6 on the elliptical machine
Followed by weights working the chest and back until I was kicked out at 6pm? Since when does the gym close at 6 on Sundays?? Lame!

I grabbed some White Kula Corn.....
And some local fresh Ginger and Green Onions......
and made one of my favorite light summer soups from Bill Granger's " Bill's Sydney Food"!
click for recipe
We paired this with some Sticky White Rice and a Salad of mixed Baby Lettuce and Organic Carrots.  I also made a tasty salad dressing using Organic Peanut Butter, Agave, Organic Brown Rice Vinegar, lime, Sriratcha, Tamari and chopped Chives from the garden.
Trying for an early night.....
See you soon!

Aloha :-)


  1. I just tried your summer soups from Bill Granger's " Bill's Sydney Food tonight and it is AMAZING!!! I made all the changes you suggested and I just love it! I plan to make more tomorrow!
    My goal this summer is to cook more and prepare more RAW dishes. I am using your blog as my main source of inspiration!

  2. Love the dressing mixture!

  3. Thanks for the comments. Yes, that soup is awesome:-)