Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time Out!

I'm officially beat. So much so that I finally called time out and stayed home from work.....
Lucky for me I'm also off Friday and Saturday so I'm hoping to catch up on some much need sleep.
Green Juice!
1/2 lb Local Organic Kale
1 Small Local Lemon ( with rind )
2" Local Fresh Organic Ginger
1 Organic Gala Apple
1 Huge Cucumber 

I drank a ton of this all morning long.....I really felt like crap when I woke up ( tired, swollen tonsils, headache, irritated tummy ( ?! ) and spent most of the morning and afternoon reading on the couch. The weather was strange today too!....Screaming trade winds and bouts of rain? Carlos was home all day as well...He lost his phone yesterday and spent about 6 hours online "researching" new ones.....3 days ago he lost his car and house keys. I have no words....

In the late afternoon he convinced me to drive into town to look for mango trees. We are in the beginning of mango season in late June so the trees in Lahaina are dripping with the heavy fruit! Problem is, most of the mango trees are in people's yards so it took us a while to find some that were wild.

Carlos trying out his new 23 ft. mango picker for the first time.

Well, The $50 mango picker worked! We're stoked....Now all they have to do is ripen a bit and they should be delish!

Since we were already down in Lahaina we figured we grab some dinner at Thai Chef.
Carlos and I shared some "Veggie Spring Rolls" as usual.
And I had my favorite vegan ( no shrimp paste ) "Green Papaya Salad" on island.
Good thing the boy didn't lose his wallet.......
See you manana.


  1. Wow score! Mangos and a delicious dinner. I hope you catch up on sleep!

  2. Wow, the mango picker is beyond cool. Send some of those babies to Arizona.

  3. haha.. too cute. Justin loses stuff all the time too. I REALLY want that green drink you just posted right now. That looks so good. My blender just is not doing the trick. :(