Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm still here!

Aloha, Sorry to have disappeared but work the last few weeks has pretty much knocked me out of commission. I'm not exaggerating when I say I have been working 10-12 hour days with no time off.
Anyway, I have today free and then I'm back at it tomorrow....I'm exhausted. One day off is NOT enough.
I miss the beach, I miss the gym, I miss writing, reading, my man, silly cat and I miss sleeping in.  I need to figure out how to manage my life better outside of the office now because all I want to do when I get home these days is lay down or have a glass of wine ( or 2 ).  Just so you know, this is not how I want to spend my off hours.
Here's my somewhat "normal" day so far.....

Woke up at 6:30 ( because that's what I do all the time now )

Juice from the Farmer's Market....
Organic Apple, Lemon, and Cucumber
And a Larabar.....

Surfing ( about 1 hour at Kaanapali Point until the wind kicked up )

 Acai Bowl-Vegan
Acai Puree
Frozen Local Bananas
Organic Frozen Blueberries
Frozen Strawberries
Almond Milk
( blend in Vita Mix )
Topped with Lydia's Apricot Raw Cereal and Local Bananas

2 hour nap ( FYI- I never do this but I feel like I might be coming down with something....head hurts, stuffy nose, etc....lame )
Snack of Sauteed Kale, Ginger and Green Beans from the Farmer's Market.
I topped this with some Hot Sauce....yum!
I had a fresh "Maui Gold" Pineapple that I could no longer ignore so I decided to whip up one of my favorite cold raw soups from "Raw Food Real World".
"Pineapple-Cucumber Gazpacho" with Jalapeno, Green Onion, and Cilantro.
The recipe makes a huge batch so I'm planning on eating this over the next few days :-) 
I added 1 whole Avocado, Cilantro, Mac Nut Oil, and Hot Chili Flakes :-)

Over the last couple weeks I've been doing my best to eat as well as possible....I did make some home cooked meals and I even was able to go out to a eat a couple of times. Here's some of the highlights :-)

Homemade "Organic Pea and Tofu Pot Stickers" with Tamari and Rice Wine Vinegar Dipping Sauce.

The best pan of "Roasted Veggies" - vegan we've ever made!
Organic Carrots
4 kinds of Potatoes ( Red, Purple Molokai, Okinawan, and a Yam )
Maui Onions
Bosc Pear
Organic Gala Apples
Whole Organic Garlic Cloves
Golden Raisins
Minced Herbs from our Garden ( Rosemary, Italian Parsley, Tarragon )
Lemon Juice, Reduced Balsamic Glaze, Organic Olive Oil, Red Chili Flakes
Roast for about 50 mins at 400 degrees
We paired this with Couscous cooked in Orange Juice and Organic Feta Cheese.

Dinning out........
This place rocks...."Ohana Tacos" is parked in Honokowai ( near the Fish Market on the Lower Honoapiilani Hwy ) Mon-Fri 6-10pm
I had 2 killer "Veggie Tacos" with Salsa, Rice, Beans and Marinated Spicy Onion Salad. This was a score for $6. I think we've eaten here 3 times this week because I've been too tired to cook and clean..

"Tropica" at the Westin....
One of the best perks about living in Hawaii is all of your friends either work in the hotel or restaurant Biz.
This translates to really nice hook ups!
 After a really long day my buddy Jeremy insisted I meet him out for dinner and drinks. I'm really happy I went because everything was awesome!
2 Glasses of New Zealand Sauv...
Olive Dip and Bread
Jeremy pretending to ignore me.....
"Smoked Tomato and White Bean Soup"
"Kula Greens with Grape Tomato" Fennel, Jicama, Kula Strawberries, Carrots, Beets, Lavender Dressing and Goat Cheese ( cheese: at my request...every salad needs a little cheese! )
"Summer Vegetable Flatbread with Surfing Goat Dairy Goat Cheese"
Why do they put an orchid on everything out here?
Jeremy and I split 2 desserts. This is the only dish we had all night that was "so-so"
"Chocolate Lava Cake and Mac-Nut Ice Cream"
However, This ( we both agreed ) might be the best dessert we have EVER had!
"Lilikoi Quark Cheesecake wrapped in Phyllo"
We both left so stuffed we could barely walk. Unfortunately for Carlos, I didn't bring home any leftovers.....

ROY'S in Kahana
On Monday we ended up at the Roy's Bar in Kahana because I was ( once again ) too tired to do much else.
I had a delicious mini Pizza made with Goat Cheese ( Surfing Goat Dairy ), Rocket and Local Tomatoes...
It hit the spot!
And of course...You can't go to Roy's and not have their famous Chocolate Souffle! Carlos and I split this ( that means I got one bite )
It was as decadent as always....
( I also had a glass of Oregon Pinot Gris )

Honorable Mention....
Before signing off I just have to say how happy I am once again that I finally have a Whole Foods here on Maui. Just look at this beautiful lunch I had a week ago.....I swear, if Whole Foods wasn't an hour drive away from my hale I would eat there every single day.....WF you are fabulous ( and no more $$ than Safeway in Hawaii! )

P.S. Check out my recent interview about SUP Boarding and Surfing at "Pastries and Bacon"! Thanks again Melissa! xo



  1. Ok so I'll forgive you for being MIA cause you made up for it with all the food porn! I swear it all looks so amazing. I hope you feel better!
    PLEASE let them have daily farmers markets and taco trucks here some day. SO jealous.

  2. YUM YUM! How many packs of acai do you use for your bowls? I use one but find that it's too runny sometimes.

  3. I usually only use one packet as well. However I blend it with a ton of frozen blueberries, strawberries, and banana so they must really thicken it up :-)