Saturday, June 26, 2010

Date Night

     Yesterday my day started with a 4 hour wait at the Audi Service Center.
Mini raw vegan lunch from "Down to Earth" in Kahalui.
Zucchini and Raw Marinara...Very yummy but $$.

Lucky for me, Audi is next to Borders, Pier 1, Old Navy and a health food store.....I hate getting my car serviced because I feel like I lose my whole day. But, preventative maintenance is key and must be done.

"Down to Earth" has the best bulk food section ( I think ) on island.

I don't I've ever seen Cocoa Pods in a store before? Pretty cool! These were Maui grown....

When I got back to the West Side, Carlos and I decided to grab a quick dinner at "Maui Tacos" because we had tickets for the Kapalua Food and Wine Festival at 6pm!
1 Veggie Taco with Pinto Beans, Rice, Potatoes, Avocado Habenero Sauce, Salsa, Cilantro, and Corn Chips ( I removed the sour cream and most of the cheese ) This thing was huge! I had no idea! Pretty nice score until $4 bucks. I actually ordered 2 of them but barely finished one. Good thing the boy was there to help....

Then off to the Ritz Carlton!
-- without a good camera....sorry :-( 
I've been wanting to go to this event for years but at $135 a ticket it hasn't really been in the budget. However, after missing the Taj Mahal concert and few reggae concerts and the Maui Film Festival over the last couple of months we figured it was okay to treat ourselves....

Delicious Caprese Tomato Stacks
Carlos going in for seconds.
We both agreed that our favorite wine of the night was a crispy Semillion from the Hunter Valley in Australia.
My favorite food sample of the night....
"Upcountry Beets and Surfing Goat Dairy Panko crusted Goat Cheese on a bed of mixed Upcountry Greens with a DELICIOUS dressing!

Honesty...I wasn't expecting so much wonderful food! I was sorry we ate before we went to the tasting :-(
Anti-Pasta line....
We ended the soiree with a fuzzy IPhone photo and a glass of Argentine Melbec.....


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