Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tough Day....kidding

Aloha! Beautiful day in the islands! May is my most favorite month of the year. The crowds are gone ( for a short time ), the rain is gone and it's not very muggy yet. I'm trying to enjoy it because summer vacation is just around the corner. It wasn't that long ago that I longed for June? Now I count down to Labor Day....

I started my day off with another Green Juice.
Organic local Kale
local ginger
local lemon
Organic Fuji Apple
Organic Cucumber

Then I headed to the gym....
40 minutes on the "Hills" I've never done the "Hill" setting before and let me tell you this....It's a lot different from choosing "Manual". I liked it.
200 Ab crunches
3 sets of 20 lunges ( alternating legs )

I would have loved to have spent my day off surfing however the ocean was completely flat again ( the downside to the month of May.....)
No problem, I took a book and headed to Lahaina to relax in the sun.
Love Sarma!

I was craving sushi so on the way home from the beach I stopped at the Honokowai Farmer's Market to grab an avocado and some cooked brown rice.
I added a little bit of seasoned organic rice wine vinegar to the cooled rice and shredded my veggies....
I simply rolled my ingredients into cones using Organic Nori and topped with Black Sesame Seeds....Delish!

Now.... don't be too jealous but I had an appointment this afternoon for a 80 min massage and mini ( 45 min ) facial at Soleil Luna Salon and Day Spa. I had a gift certificate that I had to use by week's end so I figured why not!
Anyway, it was awesome but I still prefer Maui Zen Day Spa. I sort of felt like I was cheating on my massage therapist

Carlos was home this evening so he helped me make some dinner :-)
He wanted his favorite Red Sauce from "Smitten Kitchen"
I made another batch of the Vegan Greek Salad from yesterday's post.

Were off to cuddle with Taj and watch a movie....
Aloha :-)


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. I was out of work with food poisoning! Feeling better today though.

  2. Your sushi rolls look so good and how simple they are to make!