Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sushi Cravings.......

The last couple of days have been a steady diet of Green Juice and Veggie Sushi Hand rolls.....I'll do this sort of thing a lot so this is why I'll go a day or two with out posting. Hope you don't mind.....
Anyway, I've been on a pretty big sushi kick since my return from Cali. Here's a few of my dinners that didn't make it in the blog this week :)
"Sensei's" Restaurant in Kapalua
I had ( another ) Gift Certificate to use so last week Carlos and I headed to famous "Sensei's" for some ono grinds! 
I started with the Namasu Salad ( above ) which I LOVE.
Next was the hard to find Kampyo Rolls ( Japanese Squash ) This is one of my favorite rolls ever.
Grilled Vegetable Roll.
And two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.
Everything was awesome as usual. I've been going to Sensei's for over 10 years now and it doesn't ever disappoint:)

"Asian Cafe", Lahaina
The best Miso Soup that I've had on Maui......seriously.
My favorite Veggie Sushi Rolls on island.......
Veggie and Tofu Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce.
So do these look familiar to you??
Well, that's because "Asian Cafe" is the new "Bamboo Bar and Grill". Remember that great "Dive Bar" that Carlos and would go to weekly??? Well, they moved the food and sushi bar to a new location in the center of Lahaina town. It's BYOB now but the food is still great and my favorite sushi chef ( he catches his own fish!! )  is back in biz!

After our filling dinner Carlos and I headed to "Barnes and Noble" and split one of these......
No explanation needed......yum!

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