Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maui kind of Day

Day off today! So excited! Carlos and I decided to head to the other side of the island to run some much needed errands first....
Green Juice...for breakfast
Organic local Kale
local Mint
Organic Fuji Apple
Organic local Cucumber
Cute little church in Wailuku next the taxation office.
Then out to Haiku to drop off a surfboard at "Gramp's Rockin Chair Ding Repair"....
Cafe Des Amis in Paia was the call again for lunch!
I had the delicious Feta and Spinach Crepe with a side of sour cream and mango chutney It was excellent as usual. I loved the simple vinaigrette with the mixed local green side salad.
Carlos had a beautiful Brie, Avocado and Apple Crepe. Unfortunately he devoured it before I could get a pic :(

 Several hours later Carlos headed to work and I hit the gym.....
40 minutes Elliptical Machine
200 Ab crunches

FYI-I have joined Erin from "Living and Loving in L.A." in her "Red, White and Blue Body Challenge". I discovered Erin's blog just recently and she totally cracks me up! Anyway, I'm not trying to lose any weight or even trying to "look better in a bikini" these days but I am interested in any motivation that gets me more active. So....this week I've been chalking up my workout time everyday whether it be surfing, yoga or the gym. Anyway, Yey me!

"Mary's Gone Crackers" No Gluten Flax Crackers and Olive Tapenade from the Farmer's Market in Honokowai.
I'm not sure why but I've had a massive craving for olives the last few days.....I absolutely HATED them when I was a kid?? Now....I can't get enough.

I roasted some Kabocha Squash the other night and I had some left overs so I decided to try something new. I mixed the remaining squash with some sea salt and fresh ground nutmeg and made some homemade ravioli.....
I used raw wonton wrappers for a simple dough....
I then used a cookie cutter to make them into perfect round pillows.
I arranged the ravioli in a single layer on a baking sheet with wax paper and put them in the freezer. After freezing I threw them in a zip lock bag for another night :)

Giving in to my odd olive craving again I decided to make a yummy easy salad for dinner.
Greek Salad - vegan
Sweet 100 tomatoes from my garden
Sweet Italian Basil from my garden
Organic local Cucumber
Kalamata Olives
Maui Onion
Organic Capers
Meyer Lemon Olive Oil ( Divine....)
Champagne Vinegar
Sea Salt and Cracked White Pepper 

Off to Malas in Lahaina to meet a girlfriend for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!
Aloha my friends....


  1. I aodre your salads! and that crepe sounds heavenly :)

  2. I had to laugh when I read the olive cravings. I used to hate olives growing up and my hubby loves them. The more he had them around and I would accidentally try one here and there mixed in with other foods, I started liking them! So weird how we aquire taste.