Saturday, May 22, 2010


 I had some left overs in the fridge that needed to be eaten....
Plain Cooked Penne
Homemade Red Sauce ( both from 5/20's dinner )
half a container of Tapenade from Honokowai's Farmer's Market
several very ripe tomatoes from our garden
too much fresh basil from our garden
too much mixed greens
too much Flat Leaf Parsley

So here was the challenge......
I didn't want to go to the store for anything so I decided to work with my freezer and pantry to make this absolutely delicious dinner last night!!
I made a awesome simple vinaigrette to go with these organic local greens.....
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Organic Dijon Mustard
Local Raw Honey
I then reheated the cold cooked Penne by dumping it in some boiling water for about 1 minute. I then drained it and tossed it with the leftover Tapenade, halved Tomatoes, minced Italian Parsley, minced Basil, Capers, Pine Nuts, Meyer Lemon Oil ( my new favorite staple) Australia Pink Salt, White Cracked Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes....
I also threw together some Puttanesca Pizza using the Whole Food's Naan Bread in the back of my freezer.
On the Naan Bread I spread, Homemade Red Sauce, Sliced Spanish and Kalamata Olives, Goat Cheese, Red Pepper Flakes, Capers, Fresh Basil, and halved Tomatoes. This was soooooo good! Carlos said it was one of the best homemade pizzas he's ever had :-)!
All together now!
Woo Hoo!!!


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  1. I love it when leftovers come together! This looks SO delish.