Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Day of Vacation.....

Sorry didn't mean to go missing on you but I've been pretty busy working and my meals over the last few days have been pretty random and boring....You see, we are leaving for about a week early Thursday so I've been letting the fridge run low......

Anyway, today was my day off so I took advantage of the sun! It's been very voggy the last few days so it was nice to feel the return of the Trade Winds!  
Random Juice ( pretty good! )
1 Organic Pear
1 Organic Cucumber
1 Tahitian Lime
Thai Basil
3 peeled Local Tangelos

Check out my Sweet 100s!

Thai Chili

Baby Tangelo

After gardening we decided to head down to the Honokowai Farmer's Market for some lunch.
I had their super yummy Acai Bowl.
Frozen Mixed Berries
Frozen Acai
Flax Seed Granola

I actually had everything to make this dish at home but sometimes I just want somebody else to make my lunch ( and not have to clean the Vita Mixer.)

My afternoon was filled with some beach time and an hour of  Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga....

Organic Kale Chips
1 bunch Curly Kale ( ribs removes ) torn into pieces and tossed with about 1 Tb Organic Olive Oil.

Place on cookie sheets and season with "whatever"....I added Pink Australian Salt and a little Lemon Juice.
( chili flakes, vinegar or nutritional yeast are good too! )

Place in 275-300 degree oven for about 20-30 minutes until kale is very light and crispy....
Who needs potato chips when you can make these??

Dinner was light and simple......
Random Salad
Baby Organic Spinach
Kalamata Olives
Hearts of Palm
Organic Cucumber
Annie's Goddess Dressing

I'll be back tomorrow to give more details about where we'll be heading on Thursday....
C-Ya soon!


  1. I'm totally loving your pictures and food. It's so refreshing and makes me feel so good even though I sit in an office all day and do not get to yoga at a beach :D fabulous!

  2. I must say everything you make is so inspiring. I made the almond milk/cocoa/banana shake yesterday and it was to die for. So sweet and satisfying. I'll admit I'm still using some convenience foods in between all my fresh and raw foods but reading your blog has really made me think....

  3. Your tomatoes look great! I planted a few plants over the weekend and need to blog about it... I have been swamped. :( At least I planted some veggies.

  4. I love Kale chips... thanks for reminding me.. I have not made them in a while!

  5. Mahalo for all the sweet comments. Yes, that Chocolate Shake is insane! It really satisfies my sweet/dairy cravings! Amazing:)