Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Day in Paia

We headed to the North Shore today. I just love it there.....We'd love to move to that side of the island but the commute is just way too long right now. Someday soon hopefully!
Before heading out I made myself a large green juice.....
1/2 local Lemon
local Kapalua Farms Mint
Organic Cucumber
2 Gala Apples
1 bunch Organic local Kale

And then we stopped at the Farmer's Market in Honokowai for a quick snack......
 I had some baked Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes and some Vegan Indian Dahl.....Sooooo good!
Love Paia.....It's so much more "me" than the West Side. No disrespect of course but there is just something about the North Shore that makes me happy.
"Mana Foods"
Great cafes!!! ( Cafe Des Amis, Flatbread, Cafe Mambo, Milagros )
Cute, way too $$$ boutiques that kill my paycheck...( Biasa Rose, Imrie, Alice in Hulaland, Lilikoi, Letarte, Tamara Catz, Nuage Bleu, Maui Girl )
Pretty people
Serious Surf culture
Yoga studios
Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food lifestyles.....

Carlos's favorite place in Paia....
He had a Fish Sandwich while I had a glass of Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc.
The "Paia Fish Market" has a great vibe....super casual and always packed. It's been voted one of the "Best Fish Sandwiches" in the U.S. like a million times so I guess the fish is good too...
Anyway, I dig the coral painted napkin holders and picnic tables.

I bought some way too $$$ Hammered Gold and Puka Shell bracelets at "Nuage Bleu". I'm a total sucker for anything with seashells on it.
And of course a trip to Paia wouldn't be complete without a stop at Mana Foods...
I grabbed a Raw Vegan "Strawberry Pudding" made with Chia Seeds, Coconut, Macadamia Nuts, Irish Moss, Agave and fresh Strawberries. Delish!

And then Carlos decided to torture me.....
I absolutely HATE places like "Home Depot" and "Lowes". Carlos on the other hand can spend hours in them.....He supposidly needed something called a dremel??( sp?) I don't know, but I know after 2 stops and 2 hours he left with nothing....
Do you like the sandals I bought at "Mahina"?
I do....
You. Make. Me. Crazy.
At least "Lowes" had some pretty orchids to look at.

Then finally late afternoon, homeward bound.....
A couple of unpictured Ak-Mak crackers and "Surfing Goat Dairy" Goat Cheese.

A little bit of leftovers from last night....

Carlos went to bed at 7:30 ( seriously......) So Taj and I are going to cuddle on the couch and read "US Weekly" :-)
You didn't think I was going to leave" Lowes" without these beauties....


  1. Paia looks like a beautiful place! I've been to Hawaii only once and it was a fantastic trip!

    Love your new shoes. :)

  2. Ah, I remember the fish market....mmmmmm

  3. I love your pictures, I really want to travel to Hawaii someday soon :)

    Great flip flops, really pretty! :)