Monday, May 31, 2010

Agenda for Summer 2010

The next month is looking VERY busy for me.....So with this in mind I think a little bit of planning and preparing will make life a bit easier in June.
First of all, I'm thinking it's about time to start making my own lunch and bringing it to work. Nothing against the cafeteria at the office for during some really "lean" months it came in handy. However, I'm now really craving my own cooked ( or mostly "uncooked" meals). In the summer months I tend to shift to a very High Raw Diet because the island is so plentiful with such great produce. Hawaii can get fairly warm and muggy this time a year and usually nothing sounds better to me than tons of icy smoothies, juices and colorful salads......
However with my "new" ( 6 mos old now ) job. This is pretty hard to achieve without some planning ahead. Sometimes I'm so busy I barely have time to check my emails let alone eat so I need things that I can grab quickly...
So, with that in mind......
I finally ordered a Excalibur Dehydrator! I'm so excited! It's Maui bound as I write and I hope it was worth the rather $$ price tag. So far, my Vita Mixer 5200 and Breville Juicer have been excellent investments so I'm hoping the Excalibur will be too!
So why a dehydrator?? Well, I've been debating getting one for about 5 years now and it wasn't until I got my juicer that I felt that it was finally time to make the extra investment. You see, a juicer produces a ton of fruit and veggie pulp and I was having a really hard time just tossing it all out ( what a waste! ). So, after some more research I figured I could be using this extra pulp in goodies like dehydrated crackers and wraps.
Anyway, this is just one of the intended uses.....I can't wait to make treats like fruit roll-ups, raw cookies, cereals and granola as well....

With all this craziness, I still plan on blogging this summer as much as possible. A huge reason I skip some days is because I tend to eat the same things a few days in a row when I'm working a lot. On weekends,( I'm off Friday and Sat ) it's easier for me to be a bit more creative.
So, bare with me.......
Also, I hope to get a lot of surf in this season. This year's winter season was the best I've ever seen in the islands and June is usually a great month too for surf so cross your figures for us. I'm currently shopping for a very "short" board that will be easier for me to duck dive into the larger swells this season AND I'd also like to find myself another Stand Up Paddle Board. I currently have a 11'6" and I think I'm ready for something much smaller and easier for me to carry around......

Summer in Hawaii has always meant work, work, work but we are planning a short getaway this August to our neighbor island, Kauai!!! AND we are currently planning for our annual BIG month long trip this coming October!
Guess what! It's looks like we might actually be going Domestic this year?! Might be fun for a change! So far on the Oct-Nov agenda is Arizona, Jacksonville/St. Augustine FL., Savannah, GA. and Charleston, SC!!! I'm currently trying to figure out a small trip down to Miami or even the KEYS!!! But we'll see....
Busy Busy! 

Good Eats worth mentioning for May 31st.....
Homemade Acai Bowl-Vegan
1 packet of  organic Sambazon Acai puree
frozen Strawberries
frozen organic Blueberries
fresh local Banana
"Lydia's Organics" Apricot Sun Cereal ( Raw Vegan )

"Sensei" Kapalua for Sushi! Between 5:15pm and 6pm daily. Sensei's restaurant in Kapalua offers local residents ( must have a Hawaii ID ) 1/2 Sushi! Score! 
Cucumber and Seaweed Salad for only $2.50!
2 Kampyo Rolls ( Japanese Squash ) and a Grilled Veggie Roll. All for only $7!
I also had 2 unpicture glasses of  New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc :-)
A very calm Honolua Bay after Dinner....
And this evening's sunset over Molokai.....


  1. Congrats on the dehydrator. I have been thinking of getting one for a while but I still haven't made up my mind. Also yay about your travels! And to St. Augustine! Maybe we can get together for a glass of wine for a foodie meet-up.

  2. That would be really cool! I will let you know what are plans are :-)