Monday, May 31, 2010

Agenda for Summer 2010

The next month is looking VERY busy for me.....So with this in mind I think a little bit of planning and preparing will make life a bit easier in June.
First of all, I'm thinking it's about time to start making my own lunch and bringing it to work. Nothing against the cafeteria at the office for during some really "lean" months it came in handy. However, I'm now really craving my own cooked ( or mostly "uncooked" meals). In the summer months I tend to shift to a very High Raw Diet because the island is so plentiful with such great produce. Hawaii can get fairly warm and muggy this time a year and usually nothing sounds better to me than tons of icy smoothies, juices and colorful salads......
However with my "new" ( 6 mos old now ) job. This is pretty hard to achieve without some planning ahead. Sometimes I'm so busy I barely have time to check my emails let alone eat so I need things that I can grab quickly...
So, with that in mind......
I finally ordered a Excalibur Dehydrator! I'm so excited! It's Maui bound as I write and I hope it was worth the rather $$ price tag. So far, my Vita Mixer 5200 and Breville Juicer have been excellent investments so I'm hoping the Excalibur will be too!
So why a dehydrator?? Well, I've been debating getting one for about 5 years now and it wasn't until I got my juicer that I felt that it was finally time to make the extra investment. You see, a juicer produces a ton of fruit and veggie pulp and I was having a really hard time just tossing it all out ( what a waste! ). So, after some more research I figured I could be using this extra pulp in goodies like dehydrated crackers and wraps.
Anyway, this is just one of the intended uses.....I can't wait to make treats like fruit roll-ups, raw cookies, cereals and granola as well....

With all this craziness, I still plan on blogging this summer as much as possible. A huge reason I skip some days is because I tend to eat the same things a few days in a row when I'm working a lot. On weekends,( I'm off Friday and Sat ) it's easier for me to be a bit more creative.
So, bare with me.......
Also, I hope to get a lot of surf in this season. This year's winter season was the best I've ever seen in the islands and June is usually a great month too for surf so cross your figures for us. I'm currently shopping for a very "short" board that will be easier for me to duck dive into the larger swells this season AND I'd also like to find myself another Stand Up Paddle Board. I currently have a 11'6" and I think I'm ready for something much smaller and easier for me to carry around......

Summer in Hawaii has always meant work, work, work but we are planning a short getaway this August to our neighbor island, Kauai!!! AND we are currently planning for our annual BIG month long trip this coming October!
Guess what! It's looks like we might actually be going Domestic this year?! Might be fun for a change! So far on the Oct-Nov agenda is Arizona, Jacksonville/St. Augustine FL., Savannah, GA. and Charleston, SC!!! I'm currently trying to figure out a small trip down to Miami or even the KEYS!!! But we'll see....
Busy Busy! 

Good Eats worth mentioning for May 31st.....
Homemade Acai Bowl-Vegan
1 packet of  organic Sambazon Acai puree
frozen Strawberries
frozen organic Blueberries
fresh local Banana
"Lydia's Organics" Apricot Sun Cereal ( Raw Vegan )

"Sensei" Kapalua for Sushi! Between 5:15pm and 6pm daily. Sensei's restaurant in Kapalua offers local residents ( must have a Hawaii ID ) 1/2 Sushi! Score! 
Cucumber and Seaweed Salad for only $2.50!
2 Kampyo Rolls ( Japanese Squash ) and a Grilled Veggie Roll. All for only $7!
I also had 2 unpicture glasses of  New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc :-)
A very calm Honolua Bay after Dinner....
And this evening's sunset over Molokai.....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Day in Paia

We headed to the North Shore today. I just love it there.....We'd love to move to that side of the island but the commute is just way too long right now. Someday soon hopefully!
Before heading out I made myself a large green juice.....
1/2 local Lemon
local Kapalua Farms Mint
Organic Cucumber
2 Gala Apples
1 bunch Organic local Kale

And then we stopped at the Farmer's Market in Honokowai for a quick snack......
 I had some baked Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes and some Vegan Indian Dahl.....Sooooo good!
Love Paia.....It's so much more "me" than the West Side. No disrespect of course but there is just something about the North Shore that makes me happy.
"Mana Foods"
Great cafes!!! ( Cafe Des Amis, Flatbread, Cafe Mambo, Milagros )
Cute, way too $$$ boutiques that kill my paycheck...( Biasa Rose, Imrie, Alice in Hulaland, Lilikoi, Letarte, Tamara Catz, Nuage Bleu, Maui Girl )
Pretty people
Serious Surf culture
Yoga studios
Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food lifestyles.....

Carlos's favorite place in Paia....
He had a Fish Sandwich while I had a glass of Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc.
The "Paia Fish Market" has a great vibe....super casual and always packed. It's been voted one of the "Best Fish Sandwiches" in the U.S. like a million times so I guess the fish is good too...
Anyway, I dig the coral painted napkin holders and picnic tables.

I bought some way too $$$ Hammered Gold and Puka Shell bracelets at "Nuage Bleu". I'm a total sucker for anything with seashells on it.
And of course a trip to Paia wouldn't be complete without a stop at Mana Foods...
I grabbed a Raw Vegan "Strawberry Pudding" made with Chia Seeds, Coconut, Macadamia Nuts, Irish Moss, Agave and fresh Strawberries. Delish!

And then Carlos decided to torture me.....
I absolutely HATE places like "Home Depot" and "Lowes". Carlos on the other hand can spend hours in them.....He supposidly needed something called a dremel??( sp?) I don't know, but I know after 2 stops and 2 hours he left with nothing....
Do you like the sandals I bought at "Mahina"?
I do....
You. Make. Me. Crazy.
At least "Lowes" had some pretty orchids to look at.

Then finally late afternoon, homeward bound.....
A couple of unpictured Ak-Mak crackers and "Surfing Goat Dairy" Goat Cheese.

A little bit of leftovers from last night....

Carlos went to bed at 7:30 ( seriously......) So Taj and I are going to cuddle on the couch and read "US Weekly" :-)
You didn't think I was going to leave" Lowes" without these beauties....

Friday, May 28, 2010

Relaxing Day Off....

My days off changes this week and it's taken me a bit to get used to it......Tuesdays and Wednesdays at work are pretty busy so I apologize for falling so far behind on the blog.

My large Green Juice this morning. This is definitely something I slacked on this week....sheesh!
1 bunch Organic Kale
1/2 local Lemon
2 Organic Gala Apples
1 Organic Cucumber

Beautiful day in West Maui. The ocean was flat so surfing was out so instead I grabbed some mags and headed to Napili Bay.....

For lunch I wanted something light so I made an Acai Parfait with some local Bananas....
Acai Parfait
"Sambazon" Organic Acai Puree
Frozen Strawberries
Frozen Organic Blueberries
Coconut Water
sliced Bananas
Then Carlos and I did a 1 hour mid afternoon Vinyasa Yoga Session. Yes.... I'm still trying to do my best and keep up with Erin at "Living and Loving in L.A." :-)
Random Snack....
Spanish Olives!

I found some perfectly ripe Hass Avocados and some adorable Organic local Green Onions at the health food store today ( Hence the Mexican theme for dinner....)
Cherry Tomatoes, Organic local Romaine, Chopped Maui Onion, Organic local Green Onions
I also made a delicious salad dressing using...
Lime Juice
Raw Organic Agave Syrup
Sea Salt
Organic Red Wine Vinegar
Green Onions
Spicy Red Pepper Flakes
Organic Sunflower Oil
So, With all of this, I made a really simple salad for myself topped with a little "Santa Barbara" Garlic Salsa and a  Corn Tostada Shell.....Carlos added re fried beans and chicken to his...Everything was perfect...
Excuse us while we attack this and watch a movie.....
Have a great night!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Morning Green Juice!
Fuji Apple

 We've been planning on a major spring cleaning so we decided to start today!

But to the Gym and a short hike in the West Maui Mountains.

40 minutes Elliptical Machine
200 Ab Crunches 

Hike -1 Hour 

Chinese Salad - vegan
Local Mixed Organic Greens
Shredded Organic Carrots
Organic Cucumber
Extra Firm Organic Sprouted Tofu
Roasted Peanuts
Organic Sesame Salad Dressing from the Farmer's Market

You wouldn't believe how much stuff we got rid of today! Carlos even listed some things on Craigslist and they were gone by the end of the day.....awesome!!! Love creating space!

Mid afternoon we decided to take a short break and head down to Napili Bay. I grabbed my 7'8" surfboard and paddled the length of the bay a couple of times. The water was so warm and clear today....amazing. 
Total Paddle Time - 20 minutes

Glass of Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc while making dinner...
Coconut Red Lentil Soup  from 101Cookbooks was the call....
Boiling the Lentils
Making the Red Curry Paste
This is delicious served over Basmati or Jasmine Rice with Cilantro and sliced Green Onions.
I highly encourage you to try out this recipe. It is absolutely amazing! I do alter it slightly with a touch more salt, agave syrup and some sriracha sauce for heat.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


 I had some left overs in the fridge that needed to be eaten....
Plain Cooked Penne
Homemade Red Sauce ( both from 5/20's dinner )
half a container of Tapenade from Honokowai's Farmer's Market
several very ripe tomatoes from our garden
too much fresh basil from our garden
too much mixed greens
too much Flat Leaf Parsley

So here was the challenge......
I didn't want to go to the store for anything so I decided to work with my freezer and pantry to make this absolutely delicious dinner last night!!
I made a awesome simple vinaigrette to go with these organic local greens.....
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Organic Dijon Mustard
Local Raw Honey
I then reheated the cold cooked Penne by dumping it in some boiling water for about 1 minute. I then drained it and tossed it with the leftover Tapenade, halved Tomatoes, minced Italian Parsley, minced Basil, Capers, Pine Nuts, Meyer Lemon Oil ( my new favorite staple) Australia Pink Salt, White Cracked Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes....
I also threw together some Puttanesca Pizza using the Whole Food's Naan Bread in the back of my freezer.
On the Naan Bread I spread, Homemade Red Sauce, Sliced Spanish and Kalamata Olives, Goat Cheese, Red Pepper Flakes, Capers, Fresh Basil, and halved Tomatoes. This was soooooo good! Carlos said it was one of the best homemade pizzas he's ever had :-)!
All together now!
Woo Hoo!!!