Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank God for Hana....( 1st night )

Aloha! I'm back... rested, surfed out, full of food and sunburned :-)

Yes, Even us islanders need a break sometimes.....
Two and a half hours from our little West Maui hale is the sleepy community of Hana. I crave this place. Hana is the real Hawaii. And when we really need to unplug this is where we go....

Scenes from the famous Hana Highway....

We stopped for some avocado and bananas...

We stopped at the Keanae Peninsula for just a few minutes....

I love the east side's rocky coast line.

Pau Hana....

Strip mall in Nihuku.

And we made it to our friend's place right before sundown.

meet "Fat Head"

I just cut Carlos's hair....what do you think? :-)

Our cabin for 2 nights...

Now check out the garden!
kabocha pumpkin


sweet potato

my favorite favorite


Hawaiian Hot Chilies

tomato cages

How beautiful is that!

more nasturtiums...

chard, kale, lettuce
( I love how the husks of coconuts were used for the walkways....)




Dinner time....

Roasted kabocha from the garden.

Carlos and our friend Laura picking out the pumpkin seeds.

Garden fresh veggies for a salad

Honey from the garden's own bee hives! I made an awesome salad dressing using this.... 

I made some Coconut Brown Rice....

cooked brown rice
coconut milk
garlic chives
sea salt
chili powder
Can't get more local than this!

Koa Wood....

Time to eat :-)

My plate......

red quinoa
roasted Kabocha
garlic bread
pumpkin seeds
coconut rice

Hana to be contin......

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  1. That dinner looks FABULOUS! That garden is I am incredibly jealous of your Hana get away!