Monday, April 5, 2010

TGI ( My ) Friday....

Aloha! I had a nice little post prepared until I figured out that I managed to erase all my pics from the day ( nice....) Sorry, I don't know where my head is these days.....

So here's the short version.

No green papayas for a green papaya salad? No worries....I used a couple of cucumbers instead!

Faux Green Papaya Salad- raw vegan

2 cucumbers ( shredded )
1/2 carrot ( shredded )
cilantro -chopped
Thai basil - chopped
handful of grape tomatoes sliced


3 Tbs lime juice
2 Tbs Fish Sauce ( FYI- I used nama shoyu for a vegan version instead )
2 cloves of garlic crushed
1 Thai Dragon chili
1 Tb raw agave syrup ( or more for a sweeter sauce )
1 tsp rice wine vinegar

Blend until smooth and toss with salad :-)

I also made some Asian Burritos-vegan
green onions
Thai basil
rice papper rounds

I paired this with some homemade organic peanut satay sauce....

And a glass of this awesome Australian Shiraz!

Speaking of Oz....My sister and her new husband are leaving Sydney and moving to California today ( why why why?! )  I'm devestated.......I'm hoping Australia will call and ask if I'd be willing to take her place until they come to their senses. Until then,  I'm planning another trip Downunder as usual.
 Anyway....I give you guys 1 year. Max. 


  1. That salad looks great. Did you use a special tool for shredding? Or just a grater?

  2. I used this little tool that looks like a serrated veggie peeler. I got it at Macy's :-)I think Melissa at "Pastrie's and Bacon" recently posted about the gadget when she made green papaya salad too. I think she got hers on Amazon.
    Anyway, it's my new favorite tool. I love how it peels carrots too:-)