Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Unfiltered Iphone pic of Napili Point. If I ever start to doubt the cost of living on Maui I come here to get my bearings straight....

Yes, Gas might be $4.06 a gallon but this place doesn't suck.....

Early morning Green Juice.
organic kale
local lemon 1/2
1 cucumber
2 organic Granny Smith apples

Then, I headed to Lahaina to check out the minor south swell that was in town......Unfortunately, it was pretty mushy and the winds were on shore so my session was pretty short. So, I decided to grab Carlos and head north again.
I made another quick smoothie at home to take with me....

frozen strawberries
frozen local bananas
lacuma powder
organic almond milk
organic raw cacao nibs

We also grabbed some Pure Bars along the way....

Nummy nums!
Tasted like a brownie:-)

Then Carlos, Steve and I surfed small and chilly Honolua Bay.
I was FREEZING down there.....the Tradewinds were blowing pretty hard and my little rashguard wasn't doing any good. Boo.

Quick stop at the cute Kapalua Fruit Stand for some citrus....

leftover faux Green Papaya Salad from last night.

And then I went surfing again....seriously. But this time I went back down to Lahaina in hopes that I would catch lowtide and a late afternoon glass off.....

I decided to use my leftover ingredients from yesterday and make some more Asian Burritos

I also made a side salad of
local tomatoes
local organic cilantro
romaine from Kula
Annie's Goddess Dressing
And a glass of Pinot Grigio...

Pretty beat and a bit sunburned....looks like an early night.
Aloha from Latitude 21 N.


  1. Wow, wow, wow. Absolutely stunning (as usual). Paradise indeed!

  2. Ah, the good life!