Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sun Worshippers

Green Juice
1 bunch Organic Kale
1 large Organic Fuji Apple
1/2 local lemon
Kapalua Cilantro
1 Organic Cucumber 

Yum Yum!
I've really do like starting my day with one of these bad boys.....After a year and a half of Green Juice, coffee is a distant memory.

Beach Day in Lahaina.

Looks like somebody left their lei behind?

Ti Leaves

After the beach I ran a couple errands before lunch....
I had another gift certificate for Maui Prime so I grabbed some Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and some Balsamic Glaze. I love stocking my pantry with fun stuff :-)

Rainbow Salad-vegan
Local Tomatoes
Hass Avo
shredded Organic Carrots
shredded Organic Cucumber
Kalamata Olives
Baby Local Spinach
Hana Farms Red Leaf lettuce
Annie's Goddess Dressing

What is it with cats and sunspots?? You'd think with all that black fur and tropical heat he'd be laying in the sink instead? Strange.....
I've never had a cat that destroyed his wookies as fast as Taj does.....I have bits of cotton sprewed all over my living room at the moment. I can't even remember what this blue thingy was.....?

Baked with Australian Pink Salt, Balsamic Glaze, and Water at 375 for about an hour....
Ingredients for Red Quinoa....

Organic Fuji Apple and Mint ( along with some unpictured Golden Raisins )

and a simple Side Salad.....

Taj and I are off to watch some ITune episodes of Gossip Girl now.....How jealous are you?