Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Jamaican Passion Fruit picked in Hana. These are orange in color and a little less tart than the yellow or purple varities ( lilikoi ) typically found in Hawaii. The Jamaican Passion Fruit are my favorite....
Kristen's Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake from Kristen's Raw
Awesome :-)

Then I headed to the other side of the island for an appointment and a trip to Paia....

First stop Mana Foods ( obviously....)
Look what I found! The elusive White Sapote and Egg Fruit! These are super rare so I couldn't resist grabbing some.....Now if I could only find the Black Chocolate Sapote ( My favorite fruit ever!)

I sort of wanted to have a Raw Food lunch but the Raw cuisine today was was pretty nut heavy so I passed.

Moving on....
After my trip to Hana I decided I was in DIRE need of new bathing suits....I'm trying not to feel guilty buying these because I seriously use them daily ( and all year round ) So I went to Maui Girl on Baldwin Ave... My favorite bikini store on island.
These are my absolute favorite bikinis to surf in....They have great support and are super cute!
I couldn't resist these Gold/Shell earrings either.....

It's always better to go to lunch AFTER bathing suit shopping so that's what I did...at 4pm. I was starving to say the least.
I love Cafe Des Amis....They make beautiful crepes and many Mediterranean inspired dishes.
I had the Mediterranean Veggie, Pesto and Feta Crepe with a side of sour cream and salad greens for $10.50 It was delicious!

Last stop....

My mom got me a Gift Cert to Whole Foods for my Birthday too! So, I decided to pick up a bunch of pantry staples with it. So stoked :-)

Well, It's 9pm and I'm STILL full from my late lunch so I think I might be skipping dinner...
See y'all soon!

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  1. The crepe looks so amazing. I would have ordered the same thing!